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Mandala colouring represents self discovery and self healing.  It is a form of art therapy and healing known as a 'reflection of the soul' - in essence, a reflection of your 'true self'.  The significance is not necessarily what the finished product is, but the journey along the path of colouring.   



Learn to appreciate life in the moment by becoming aware of your own ability to develop inner peace



The workshop can be arranged for groups either at place of work or schools. alternatively with groups of 10 or less at Catherine's home in the  waterford countryside. 

Outline of a workshop 

Introduction to Enter the Now/Mindfulness


Meditation & Visualisation


Mindful Movement/Chi Kung Movements

Stroll through the fields

Reflexology points

Introduction to Philosophy


Workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of specific groups if required. 


For more information and Prices, contact Catherine.  


Let the wonderful practice of Reiki help you to acknowledge and explore your true self.  Learn to appreciate you for who you really are.


Catherine Foran, BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies in Social Care, Reiki Master & Reflexologist, MNRRI, MRAI, Train the Trainer accredited, MBSR & .b Teaching Mindfulness in Schools Project certified.

Experience stillness 

in your life.

Yoga can be arranged with prior notice and at extra cost 

take in the views 

Delight in the wonderful freedom of appreciating the open countryside.  Listen to  birdsong, feel the breeze on your face and touch the earth below your feet.

Soak up the feeling of open spaces and inhale the wonderful fresh air. Or simply wander through the garden and let the colours envelop you. 

Mindful movement - Chi kung movements

Chi Kung is an aspect of Chinese medicine that combines movement, meditation and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of Chi (energy) in the body.

It uses the meridian system of Chinese medicine which is used in acupuncture to help restore and balance health and well-being. 


Relax into the calmness of meditation.  Allow your mind to experience stillness and peacefulness.   


Catherine Foran

Exclusive care for you